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What We Do...

Hope Community has the staff and volunteer team to help the uninsured with the following services:


  • Primary care services, i.e. Family Practice

  • Medical services provided by volunteer medical professionals: doctors, NPs, PAs, and nurses

  • Medical specialist referrals for additional medical services Additional referrals and support for economic, social, educational and spiritual needs

  • Prescriptions for non-narcotic medications

  • Samples of non-narcotic pharmaceuticals

  • Basic labs completed in clinic - urine dipsticks, blood sugars

  • Outside laboratory expense covered by the clinic rather than patient

  • All patients will be charged a flat fee of $20

  • Health education classes

  • Referrals to obtain insurance through DES

Invest in the Clinic

Your dollars directed to HCHC will help saves lives, reach the uninsured, heal the sick and stores up treasures for eternity. Set up monthly donations or send us your tax credit. 

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Volunteer Your Skills

We all have talents, skills and abilities that make us who we are and lite us up when we are working within our strengths.  Send us a note with your ideas on how you can volunteer and what those talents are that make you unique.

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